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Dear Praying Family and Friends,
We have some good news today!  The clot between Lori’s knee and groin area has dissolved!  Praise God!  Above that point, it is still clotted.  We’ve made the decision to try one more day of “lysis”.  This will be the last day because of the risks involved.  If the rest of the clot has not dissolved by tomorrow, they may try to balloon it, or if it is localized, they could try a stint.  We are very hopeful that the clot will dissolve overnight.  Please pray in that way.  The doctor says if we can’t get the rest of the clot dissolved, chances are that the clot in her thigh will reform again.  Then all of this will have been for naught.  We are very thankful for the healing that has taken place and are  asking God for a full and complete healing.  Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, they will stop the treatment but probably keep her here a couple more days for observation and regulation of her coumadin level.
Once again, thank you for your prayers.  They have been effective and God has heard and answered!  Please keep it up, warriors!  Thank you.  We love you!
Steve and Jo for Lori

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