Good News/Bad News

Good news: My hives are mostly gone, which is SO nice! The aching in my hands has also dissipated. I am definitely able to take care of myself better with both of those inexplicable issues out of the way.
Bad news: The nurses at the local clinic are having a difficult time regulating my “INR level” which has to do with the clotting factor and thinness of my blood. My blood has been too thick for a couple of weeks causing more swelling and pain. There is a possibility that I am creating a resistance to the coumadin, and so they are having to put me on a higher dose each week. In the mean time, it slows down my recovery…

I mailed off additional information for my financial assistance application last week to the Spokane hospital. Please pray with me that my application will be met with favor by the reviewing board, and that I will receive charity for my time in Spokane. Because the travel insurance I purchased for my outreach to Nicaragua will not cover medical care in the U.S, the hospital in Spokane took 30% off of my original bill of over $115,000 which took the bill down to nearly $81,000. I can also apply for charity in St. Croix for the two hospitalizations there (another $11,000), but I have already accrued around $33,000 of bills that I am ineligible to receive any help for. It now seems kind of funny to thinking back to how anxious I would get if I still needed $200 a couple days before going on an outreach over the past ten years! =0) Little did I know God was going to up the test to this level!!

Our DTS Equip starts in St. Croix today. It is really strange to not be there as it is starting after putting so many hours into the beginning stages of it’s vision for the Caribbean. They have 13 participants… not bad for a first school in the Caribbean!

A friend from our local YWAM base here in Montana has spent time doing some trauma de-briefing with me, and that has helped me be able to really rest more during this recovery time. I want to thank those of you that have continued to pray for me on a regular basis. I have definitely felt the effects of the prayers!!

For His Glory,


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  1. Bethany Lund/ Smith
    Posted May 26, 2009 at 12:04 am | Permalink

    Hi Lori!
    Remember me?! The last time I saw you was 7 years ago at my wedding! This coming monday :0).
    I was sorry to hear about your health 🙁 Hope your feeling a little better by now! I found a website that has helped me with health issues with my kids, family etc. I was looking on it for my Dad who has a blood clot in his leg.
    Thought maybe you could find it helpful too!
    The link is It’s alot cheeper than doctors! And what I have tried has worked for me.
    Hope you are doing well
    Love to you!
    Bethany Lnnd/ used to be Smith :0)

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